The GALWAN valley and 1962 similarities

In my childhood, my father told the story about WAR with CHINA in 1962. He told me that how the political leadership had betrayed our soldiers. They were sent to the war without proper clothing, boots, weapons and in the ordnance factories I rembered hearing, they were producing coffee percolators instead of ammunition.I don’t know much about Jawaharlal Nehru but after china war he was very unpopular & wrong leader in my eyes.

This memories came back in days when 20 soldiers were beaten to death by Chinese in the heights of GALWAN VALLEY. The Modi government has not able so far to fully explain that exactly what happen. It is for Military experts to investigate what really happen. This is an old playbook that has been used to often since, Modi ji second term began that it has become tattered & useless. Nationalism is defined in playbook means NOT questioning anything that government do. I want to ask where is the Chief of defence staff? Where is ARMY Chief? Where is National Security Advisor? We should hear from them what is happening in GALWAN VALLEY ?

Whenever they are in tension with pak. The PM becomes vocal, aggressive and Assured then why he didn’t do anything about CHINA. This time the PM has been unusually reticent.

What is more important for him to know about today’s political agenda : foreign relationship, pandemic, GDP, as well as China v/s India. We want Answer when the country appears to be teethering on the edge of another War with China.


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